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To: Anyone on Copernicus One


We have a telemetry downlink but no uplink. Copernicus One reports life so we are repeating this message in the hope whoever has survived can read this.  If you are reading this, be aware that Copernicus One has been compromised. You are spinning out of control towards Copernicus base.  The telemetry downlink reports that automated deacceleration and landing protocols and programs are still servicable.  If you can make it to the Bridge you should be able to manually activate the auto-pilot for a controlled landing on the base. Data indicates that the Bridge has no atmosphere. Sensors in other compartments are not returning any data. You must remember your training and use local indicators. There should be a servicable EVA suit in the EVA Locker Room adjacent to the Hangar space.  You have less than 8 hours before certain impact. We are tracking you Copernicus One. 

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Music inspired by the Copernicus One adventure.


1. LEO

<a href="">LEO by Duckocide</a>

2. Transit (1)

3. Adrift

4. Impact

5. Recovery

6. Copernicus

7. Discovery





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