As the Second Great British Empire extends its diplomatic influence across the Milkyway, specialised Terraforming Pods are used to convert new worlds in to green and pleasant lands.
Pods are dropped on to the planet surface by H.M.S.S. Merciless. You must protect your Pods from the Noxin race. They will do everything in their power to abduct these Pods.
Once abducted, the Noxin pod-snatching craft undergo a strange mutation as the Pods muon induction cores are exposed to Noxin high energy shielding.  
Once a pod-snatcher has mutated, there movements become irratic and hard to follow. They also seem hell bent on anything that is not Noxin in origin - namely you!
It is far from clear why the Noxin attempt to abduct the pod devices.
Once the Noxin have cleared a planetoid of Pods, should there be a Noxin Mothership on station, once it has reached a higher altitude, it will destroy the planetoid. This releases massive amounts of mutagenic energy. If there are any Noxin planetside when this catastrophy happens are instantly mutated in to crazed attackers!
Some planets also contain strange alien artefacts. Dubbed warp gates, these devices provide an instantaneous mechanism to travel from one side of the planet to the other. It is also known that Terraforming Pods (when entering a warp gate) cause the artefact to create an interplanetary worm hole. Should the player enter this worm hole (via the warp gate), they are instantly transported to another world. The more Pods sent in to a gate, the greater the distance travelled.
You must help the Empire successfully expand across the galaxy. You must take all steps to protect your precious terraforming Pods and advance to as many planets as possible!