The flagship of the Noxin forces, the Noxin Mothership is a giant planet destroying leviathan. As well as deploying "Snatchers", this craft also houses a multitude of independant Noxin Guns - All aiming at you!
As you progress from planet to planet, you will find these craft more and more difficult to destroy.
However, "Snatchers" that have abducted a "Pod" will endeavour to reach a Mothership with it! If the Mothership has been destroyed, apart from have to clear the planet of the remaining Noxin threat, the planet is safe from destruction.
If the Noxin do manage to clear a planet of "Pods", the Mothership will immediate ascend to a very high altitude. It will then unleash it's planet busting energy beam and destroy the planetoid.
This releases massive amounts of mutagenic energy. If there are any Noxin planetside when this catastrophy happens they are instantly mutated in to crazed attackers!